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About Our Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Company
MooGuru is a Vermont home based business launched to provide fellow Vermonter's with new opportunities in the world of online marketing. MooGuru specializes in Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Google Adwords Qualified IndividualSimply throwing some ads online is probably as easy as placing some classified ads in your local newspaper. OK, maybe not quite that easy, but the point is getting your ads online is the easy part. Having your online ad campaigns be effective ad campaigns, is a process. MooGuru simplifies the process for you, and is managed by a Google Adwords Qualified Professional.

During the day, the owner of MooGuru manages national camaigns with a daily budget of $400 a day. He has also taken and passed the Google Adwords Professionals exam. MooGuru was created to extend those skills to small to medium sized businesses looking to compete in the competitive world of online marketing. With MooGuru you get the experience of a seasoned professional, working with you one on one, without the overhead of a full fledged business in the same boat as you, just trying to survive.

Effective Online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Our goal is not simply to drive online traffic to your web site. That would indeed be very easy. Our goal, is to drive qualified traffic that you can convert into customers to your web site.

With other forms of advertising such as radio and newspaper, you essentially try to reach as broad an audience as possible. You will do a basic level of target marketing, such as picking a radio station whose audiance best matches the demographic of your typical buyer. However once you have picked the appropriate radio station or newspaper, you are then trying to reach as many listeners or readers as possible.

Setting up an effective online pay-per-click campaign is the exact opposite. The most effective pay-per-click campaigns reach the smallest online market possible. You want to reach only the people looking for your specific product or service. The natuaral benefit to search engine marketing is that you will reach those customer at the very time they are looking for you. A properly implemented and maintained campaign will ensure that you reach only those people, and not waste advertising dollars on people who have no intention of making a purchase.

Growing Market Share with Online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
You might ask, "But what about market growth? How does reaching the smallest market help us grow our market share?"

We would love nothing more then for you to use our services even more, and over time, we believe you will. Our target customer has done little to no online advertising, and the first step is to setup and optimize your online campaigns. Optimizing an effective campaign can take time and depends on the scale of your campaign.

For example a highly targeted campaign in a small regional area with low volume keywords, will take longer to optimize then a national campaign with a large list of "long tail" keywords. Conversly, optimizing a high volume national campaign is more work.

Our process involves starting out with a more targeted campaign, regardless of your market reach, and fine tuning the campaigns over time. Only after a campaign has been established can you better understand who you are reaching, how they are finding you, the actual cost per click and overall cost of the campaigns, and your conversion rates for those clicks into revenue. Once that data is understood, do we recommend more agressive marketing to ensure that you are not wasting your advertising dollars while growing your market share.